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Carlton Club Trees

Some of you might have passed the Club recently and noticed that trees have been felled on one border and some remedial pruning has been done to the back of the building.

Just to let you know that we really love and value our trees and green space and take our role as custodians of it very seriously. We have posted this to keep you informed and assure you that the work was done with great reluctance but it was necessary for safety reasons. The circumstances were that in the late Autumn storm of 2016 a 60 foot ash blew over crashing through the wall and into a neighbouring property. Luckily no one was hurt and property was not damaged.

We arranged to have the timber removed by a very experienced tree surgeon who also undertook to inspect the health of our other trees. He identified that a) the fallen tree and two neighbouring trees were infected with honey fungus and b) that all trees in that border were growing too near the wall, effectively undermining it. Felling and replanting was his recommendation and some remedial pruning to other trees on the site. Planning permission was sought from the Council and granted in September 2017.

As part of the agreed plan with the council we will be replanting that border with a minimum three trees which over future years will grow to a similar height. I hope this explains our action but call in if you want more information.

2016 Soundproofing Crowd Funding Appeal

After a number of complaints were received regarding weekend noise an appeal was set up called "Just Giving" in order to fund labour and materials to soundproof the building and improve the acoustics in the function room. The total raised was £2320 and we would like to thank all those who contributed to the appeal. In particular we would like to thank the many volunteers who freely gave of their time thus reducing the overall cost. Specific thanks go to Keir and Andy Maguire for their expertise in acoustics and lighting/electrics.

A breakdown of the work done is as follows: